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The Advantages of Using Solid Wood Furniture?

Solid wood furniture is sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. To preserve the quality of the wood and retain its shine, simply wipe it gently with a cloth dampened with water. As solid wood is a natural material, it does not release harmful substances that are toxic to our body and the environment. We can also apply a layer of polyester oil on solid wood to make it more resistant to dust, moisture and insects – to further enhance its aesthetics and durability. Finally, as the colour of solid wood is not dark and gloomy, it is easy to match their hues with other furniture in the house, while creating a sense of spaciousness.

Tips on Choosing Solid Wood Furniture?

Solid wood is graded according to its colour, with lighter-coloured woods indicating a higher timber quality. It is also important to ensure that the wood is strong enough to support heavier weights. Some shops use a layer of veneer on top of a regular block of wood, and label their products as solid wood to mislead customers. Hence, always pay attention when shopping, and ask for clarification when you have any doubts about a product.

Solid Wood Staining ?

Solid wood staining simply refers to the process of colouring solid wood. Once a piece of wood is stained, it will maintain a more even and consistent colour, the wood texture will also be accentuated – giving it a more refined and sophisticated appearance. We apply a coat of polyester lacquer to our stained solid wood furniture too, to protect it from dust, moisture and insects. Unlike regular lacquer, polyester lacquer also gives the wood surface a glossy finish.

Tailor-Made for Hong Kong Households?

Jade Home offers free in-home measuring and customisation services. We create ingenious furniture design, such as modular furniture for children – which can integrate a wardrobe, bookshelf, desk, and children’s bed into one practical solution. Our unique, compact, and budget-friendly products are ideal for Hong Kong households.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Wood?

Our timbers are ethically sourced from the U.S., Germany, Finland, Sweden, and so on, where saplings are planted in forest conservation areas. The reclaimed wood is then grown in stages and zones on a rotation basis, to ensure that indiscriminate logging and felling of trees does not occur, and that the ecological environment is not damaged.