1. If the goods need to be delivered through stairways, additional fees will be charged. Please be noted that hoisting service of goods will not be provided.
  2. If the buyer fails to collect goods within three months of the delivery of the goods, the seller has the right to confiscate all the deposits as compensation for the seller’s real loss. At the same time, the seller is entitled to handle or resell the goods and charge the inventory fee from the buyer. The buyer must not object against the above practices.
  3. For the purpose of protecting the customers’ rights and interests, customers should check the invoice documents and the information on the furniture drawings are correct or not. The Company is not responsible for the losses incurred by the customers due to incorrect information.
  4. Made of natural wood, all of the Company's wooden products may vary in lines, texture and colour. Therefore, please be noted that the colour and surface of the finished products may vary, and the finished products may not be exactly the same as the products in the display and the photos.
  5. Any changes after ordering must be notified to the Company before 1 pm the next day, otherwise the changes will not be accepted, or surcharges will be added. Only goods of the same value can be exchanged if the changes are accepted by the Company.
  6. If the goods ordered by the customers cannot be placed in the customers’ designated location or are not allowed to enter the elevators or gates, the goods shall be collected by the customers themselves. However, the balance must be paid on the original delivery day, and the costs of folding and packing are calculated separately (except for the measurement of the Company’s employees)
  7. The exhibits cannot be returned or repaired.
  8. The Company guarantees to offer one-year free repair and maintenance (except for exhibits, small items and imported goods). The maintenance period is calculated from the date of the order, excluding all man-made damage.
  9. The Company guarantees to offer 7-day free repair and maintenance of all small items and imported goods. The maintenance period is calculated from the date of shipment, excluding all man-made damage.
  10. After the goods ordered by the customers are received and signed, the Company shall not be responsible for the maintenance of the goods moved or dismantled by the customers themselves.
  11. Please pay the balance in cash on delivery.
  12. For the purpose of protecting the interests of the customers, the customers should get relevant receipts from the transportation staff when they receive the goods.
  13. The Company does not provide the service of dismantling or dumping old furniture.
  14. The price of the Company's goods shall be subject to adjustments based on the market and changes without prior notice.
  15. It is not necessary to tip the staff of the Company though we appreciate the nice gesture.